Final Commodore SX64 Ebay price analysis

As I wrote I will remove now some models from my active search focus that are sold relatively often on Ebay because

  • I have enough statistical data to see where the prices tend to
  • it cuts down my workload

I will not remove them from the list, and I keep counting the sales, but I move them in a special category.

In addition, I can now analyse their prices and price influence factors a little bit. Here we go.

The SX64 have been produced probably in around 89000 units. It is a very collectible computer (partly also because there is the myth that only a few thousands have been produced, partly because it is the first color screen portable computer). There are only two influence factors on the price, namely:

  • whether the unit is working and includes the keyboard and the keyboard cable (as there have been no important accessories produced only for the SX64). IMO, only such units are collectible for this model.
  • whether it is sold on the US or on the Europe market (this last factor is probably reinforced by the 110/220V divide as the model includes the PSU)

The Ebay price statistics look like this:


  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year: 184
  • price range (Euro): 26 – 450
  • median price (Euro): 175
  • average price (Euro): 181

US market

  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year:  63
  • price range (Euro): 26 – 290
  • median price (Euro): 83
  • average price (Euro): 94

Europe market

  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year: 121
  • price range (Euro): 90-450
  • median price (Euro): 221
  • average price (Euro): 226

As you can see, on the US market the price range starts lower, has a much lower average and median price, and some difference between the average and the median price. The Europe market price starts higher, has a much higher average and median price, and there is almost no difference in median and average price. Wouldn’t there be the 110/220V problem, one could earn some money buying SX64 in the US and importing them to Europe.

9 Responses to “Final Commodore SX64 Ebay price analysis”

  1. Arild Says:

    I have not heard “Commodore 64” since I was a child !! Is there any use for them these days?

  2. cyberfritz Says:


    and welcome being my first commenter 🙂

    If you think of “use” in an utilitarian sense: probably not. But when it comes to collecting old computers, being in a good-old-days-mood (or midlife crisis :-)), show these youngster something from the good ol’ days, playing some good ol’ games, a real C64 is the thing. Sometimes an emulator or C64DTV will also do…


  3. barythrin Says:

    I think it’s an awesome effort and contribution you did. Quite cool to see the tracking of sales.

    There’s lots of folks collecting systems or gaming systems that they grew up with. It’s a growing hobby/addiction for many, a lot who just want to remember the fun they had growing up or go after that classic experience they had with their first time playing that game. Every type of collector is out there, teens seeking they’re favorite unmatched game to big iron collectors who love that old PDP or other server they first programmed on.

    As for the Commodore SX-64. It’s the first color portable computer. So yeah, it’s an easy hit for a historically significant collectible 🙂

    Anyway, great work and thanks for sharing it.

  4. james paden Says:

    The price range is not so bad. But we must maintain it.

  5. lipsalot Says:

    Ciao, pretty far out stats. I have one SX-64 in pristine condition in the closet still, all those games too. Also the dot matrix color printer with ink, and boxes full of the Kawasaki music programs that used a music keyboard that fit over the the key bed of the Commodore 64C. It used the SID music chip: Sound Interface Device, a 3-voice chip that made those classic sounds after manipulating them. SHEESH!! And a RAM unit that attached to the back of the 64 that you loaded your program into, so if you had one that worked in RAM, then it simulated a revolving 3D earth among other things, pretty cool back around 1980ish. I’ll puul all that stuff out and set it up and get it working for some appreciator of … PC history. Now I build my own PC’s and use Debian GNU/Linux based OS’s for music studio production and love it.
    Best regards alway, and thanks for a great research topic.

  6. knowing computer technology Says:

    knowing computer technology…

    […]Final Commodore SX64 Ebay price analysis « Rare & Old Computers[…]…

  7. John Clark Says:

    I have an sx 64 with a fast load cartridge and a bunch of programs………….I love it……………I just wish you could get on the internet with it…………..John Clark

  8. Denis Says:

    Music is the best thing to do with your commodore 64.
    Look at the mssiah cartridge or the use of the SID chip in Do It Yourself synth. It was the best sound chip ever made for a computer.
    I use it for that, and for the old good games I love, like Bruce Lee, Master of Magic, Defender of the crown, and so on 🙂

  9. Matt Says:

    I have 3 SX64’s a 128 a c64 3 Vic20’s and
    Numerous games cartridges covers and hundreds of floppy disks and tapes for all! With original pricing and receipts from ozisoft Commodore and was looking to sell whole! All dusty only 1 vic20 is covered the rest is boxed
    But dusty what kind of money could I be looking for?

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