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Final Commodore SX64 Ebay price analysis

March 30, 2009

As I wrote I will remove now some models from my active search focus that are sold relatively often on Ebay because

  • I have enough statistical data to see where the prices tend to
  • it cuts down my workload

I will not remove them from the list, and I keep counting the sales, but I move them in a special category.

In addition, I can now analyse their prices and price influence factors a little bit. Here we go.

The SX64 have been produced probably in around 89000 units. It is a very collectible computer (partly also because there is the myth that only a few thousands have been produced, partly because it is the first color screen portable computer). There are only two influence factors on the price, namely:

  • whether the unit is working and includes the keyboard and the keyboard cable (as there have been no important accessories produced only for the SX64). IMO, only such units are collectible for this model.
  • whether it is sold on the US or on the Europe market (this last factor is probably reinforced by the 110/220V divide as the model includes the PSU)

The Ebay price statistics look like this:


  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year: 184
  • price range (Euro): 26 – 450
  • median price (Euro): 175
  • average price (Euro): 181

US market

  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year:  63
  • price range (Euro): 26 – 290
  • median price (Euro): 83
  • average price (Euro): 94

Europe market

  • numbers of units sold on Ebay in a period of 1 year: 121
  • price range (Euro): 90-450
  • median price (Euro): 221
  • average price (Euro): 226

As you can see, on the US market the price range starts lower, has a much lower average and median price, and some difference between the average and the median price. The Europe market price starts higher, has a much higher average and median price, and there is almost no difference in median and average price. Wouldn’t there be the 110/220V problem, one could earn some money buying SX64 in the US and importing them to Europe.