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Mupid Mupid 1

December 31, 2008

Huzzah! A new old computer. Mupid’s Mupid 1, an old Austrian Prestel computer. In the article (which was written mainly by me 🙂 I assumed that about 8000 Mupid 1s have been built. The Collector’s Index is 5, the recorded sales is 2 (now 3..). As the Austrian post office even replaced Mupid 1 by Mupid 2s for free, I can imagine that not all of the 1s are still in existence, but who knows? Now I have to test whether it is working…

<update>Of course, it does not work (at least it seems so)</update>

<update 25.01.2009>Which is not suprising given the fact that some chips are missing (probably the RAM) 😦</update>