Gepard – Part Three: Operating Gepards Today


You can display something only if you have either a 80-Characters card (80-Zeichen-Karte) or a GDC graphics card. Gepards that connect to an Apple II or C64 get their output on their Apple II or C64 screen.

Both cards can connect at least to a single component (Y) output, often as a cinch plug, monochrome only. Fortunately, component-in can be found even today in high-quality LCD displays such as some TVs or computer displays. Component means YPbPr (or, to be more exact, the single Y plug of this interface), not RCA RGB nor anything you can get out of a VGA, DVI, oder HDMI interface.

The original monitors were black/green CRTs with a single component interface. If you have one of them, use them if they still work.


Tricky. The Gepard uses a keyboard with a standard serial interface. As far as I know, these are very hard to come by these days. I don’t think that any PC keyboard can be used.

However, the advantage of using a standard serial interface is that you should be able to use any terminal or computer with a terminal program. The plug is a 5-prong “DIN” interface. Pin 1 is Data In, Pin 2 is Ground, Pin 3 is Buffer Full, Pin 4 is +5V. If “Buffer Full” is logically 1, the Gepard can receive a new character.
The serial interface uses: 1200 bps, 8 bits data width, 1 stop bit, Even Parity

Operating System/ Software

This is something I can help with as long as you can use 3.5″ Floppy Disks. Simply email me and let’s see what I can copy.

Missing/Additional cards

You’re out of luck. Curently, I do not know any source for new cards. Ebay is always a possibility, but I have only once seen a Gepard on Ebay, and it was mine afterwards 🙂 Single cards are probably even more scarce, especially as it is hard to identify them.


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