Gepard – Part Four: Known Gepard Computers

As there aren’t a lot of Gepard computers to start with and as I meet quite some of them I thought it might make sense to have a public directory of known Gepards. As not all of the owners (well, hardly any of them) have given me permission to do so, I’ll exclude personal details except the city and the configuration if known to me

City Configuration URL
Stuttgart Phase 1 + 3 GDC graphics
near Stuttgart Phase 1
Hamburg Text Gepard Phase 2
Michelstadt 68020, 128kB Text Gepard
Clausthal-Zellerfeld 68020, 4MB, Text Gepard
Mutlangen ???
Mutlangen ???
Schöneberg Text Gepard?
Leimen ???
??? ??? ???

If you want to be on the list, send me photos of your Gepard computer.


One Response to “Gepard – Part Four: Known Gepard Computers”

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    […] a list of known Gepards […]

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