Report on the VCFB 2019


© Ralph Niese

As you may know, I again participated this year at the Vintage Computer Festival Berlin (VCFB). I did not only help maintaining the web site, but also had an exhibit (the Gepard computer) and a presentation (on the Gepard Computer company). I even joined the newly established VCFB association which will be the organizational body to (co-)organize future VCFBs.

The number of visitors further increased this year to over 2800.

This time the exhibition area was really packed! 44 different exhibits showing between one and like 15 computers, 20 presentations, (again) an entire room full of old consoles, a short conference on “Computer Space”, areas where children and adults can solder small robots, devices, and jewelry, a crypto and a chip tune party, there was so much to see, listen to, play, and experience.

This year’s highlights for me were the A-series computers of the HP-1000 family exhibited by Wolfgang Wilker. I never knew that HP had a series of Real-Time computers with hard- and software completely different from their “normal” computer lines.

All presentations were recorded and can be viewed on the website.

There are also a number of photo collections and videos from the VCFB 2019, e.g. here and here.

I’m looking very much forward the VCFB 2020 and hope to see you there!

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