Interact Model One, Victor Lambda, and the Micronique Computers

One very interesting computer family from my point of view is the model series by a French company called Micronique. They had a certain market share in France in the 80s, but are virtually unknown in the rest of the world (and probably also now in France). The origins of their model family is an U.S. American computer called Interact Model One:


The model history of this machine continues in France with the Victor Lambda:


Now the third company continues the history of this model. This company is called Micronique.


Now, let’s have a closer look on the models that Micronique developed. The first model switches the CPU from an Intel 8080 to a Zilog Z80.


The last model is the Hector MX:


As you can tell, this entry had a lot of posters. I took them from an exhibit I had at the Classic Computing 2015 that took place in Thionville, France. Underneath the posters I showed off an Hector HRX and an Hector MX:


(Picture from Ajax (

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