Lately, there was a Kenbak-1 on Ebay

Did you see that Ebay auction where somebody wanted to sell a Kenbak-1? Well, it wasn’t sold. It seems that not everyone wants to have a piece of relatively irrelevant history (and a very very early computer) for $30000…


One Response to “Lately, there was a Kenbak-1 on Ebay”

  1. Anne Killheffer Says:

    There is another Kenbak-1 for sale on Ebay right now (April 2010), and it is an original production model being sold by the Kenbak-1’s creator and inventor, John V. Blankenbaker. I am his daughter, so I using this message to promote the auction, but I thought you might be interested since you mentioned the previous auction in 2009. (Incidentally, the man who was trying to sell the machine for $30,000 was not connected to my dad. He was a teacher who owned several Kenbak-1s in the mid-70s and used them in his classes.) Best wishes, Anne

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