Secret Pick of the week: Canon Cat

Last week I did not update the “Pick of the week” because I bid for it myself (and was, as always, outbid by far :-). For sale was a (working) Canon Cat, one of the machines I must own one day. It was the first recorded sale in my list, i.e. on Ebay since March 2008 (so I had not a clue what it would be worth on the market). It sold for 1500 $ (i.e. 1130 Euro). Which is kind of funny because a Swyft pre-production model of the Cat, working, a machine that has been produced only between 100 and 200 pieces, sold 5 months ago for only 700 Euro… (another time I was outbid…).

Well, one day, it will be mine, my precioussssss.

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