Vintage Computer Myths Busted, part 1

In this series, I want to correct (or at least attack) some of the most widespread myths on rarity and prices of vintage computers that I found in Ebay or Wikipedia. Here we go:

Commodore SX 64 production number is only 9000

says e.g. the current German Wikipedia entry. Authoritative numbers are not available, but there are signs that SX64 are not very rare:

  1. Other sources about the production numbers put it more on the 30000 numbers scale.
  2. SX64s are the 2nd most frequent computers on my Ebay list, 2nd only to PET 2001s and more frequent than even a QL. The production numbers on the QL are said to be about 100000. Probably the SX64 is more attractive than a QL, but the production numbers are probably in the same range.
  3. This SX64 serial number database does implicitly suggest that there have been 5 different batches made: #1 with 50000 units, #2 with 1000 units, #4 with 17000 units, #5 with 11000 units, #6 with about 10000 units. In total that would be a production number of about 89000 units!

All in all I believe that the 89000 number is close to the reality because it explains the number of sales.

The Amiga 3000 is comparatively rare and sells now for more than the Amiga 4000

says again the German Wikipedia. Well, that’s an easy one as we have some official Amiga production numbers and our Ebay price list.

  • Amiga 3000/3000T: 14300 units, average price: 233 Euro
  • Amiga 4000/4000T: 11300 units, average price:  373 Euro

The rarest Amiga model though is the Amiga 3000T/040 with only 80 units sold in Germany (we do not have all the worldwide production numbers).

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