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Finally: The Price List

December 11, 2008

I finally did it! I published the first version of my what-old-and-rare-computers-cost-at-Ebay list including such indispensable data as:

  • the overall average price per computer: 215 Euro
  • the overall median price per computer: 166 Euro
  • the overall market volume: 214620 Euro

always related to

  1. the list of recorded computer models (only some models are in my focus)
  2. the recorded sales (I almost got all days covered, but lost about 2 weeks and maybe oversaw the one or other sale)

This first version contains the data of 1000 sales sampled between March 16, and today, i.e. 270 days.

The models that sold most numbers were:

  • Atari Falcon 6.4%
  • Commodore SX64 13.4%
  • Commodore PET200 15.9%
  • Commodore Amiga 4000 6.1%
  • Sinclair QL 12.3%
  • Sinclair ZX80 6%

i.e. 6  models had over 60% of all sold computers!

The most expensive regularly sold computer I recorded was an Altair 88000 for 2361 Euro. The most expensive sales of the not so regularly sold models were a Golden C64 for 3432 Euro and a C65 for whopping 7191 Euro!

The list is a .xls file readible by OpenOffice Calc or Excel. The first page gives you some overview data. The second page is the most important one giving you the

  1. Company (i.e. manufacturer)
  2. Model
  3. the number of devices produced (hypothesis 1)
  4. the number of devices produced (hypothesis 2)
  5. average price in Euro
  6. number of recorded sales
  7. the overall amount of revenue of this model (i.e. column 5 * column 6)
  8. The collector index of this model (i.e. the number of devices of this model the registered collectors  claim to have on this web site)
  9. Remarks

The fourth page collects the prototype models (which are not part of the overview data). The sixth page lists a few clones. The detailed recordings of the sales start at page 9, one page per model. These pages are used to calculate the values on the second page.

Finally, here is the link to the list.

I’d love getting some feedback on it (positive or negative).