Ebay Price List

Since March 2008 I work on an Excel list containing the achieved Ebay prices of a list of old and rare computers. It records the date, price, and (Ebay) market (currently com, co.uk, de, fr, it, es) as well as some relevant-to-the-price details. It generates an average price per model and the number of sales. In addition, I added a “old-computers.com collector’s index” (occi), which is simply the number of devices of a model at the set of collectors stored in the collector’s area in http://www.old-computers.com (of which I am a huge fan).

Also included is some data that was the reason why I started all this. I wanted to know how rare some old models really are. Unfortunately, it turned out that these numbers are very hard to get, and/or rely on numbers found in the web, i.e. of sometimes questionable origin. Nevertheless, I put them down when I found them, so everybody can compare them against price and other data themselves.

The number of recorded sells is approaching the number 1000. I plan to publish the list then. Unfortunately, WordPress seems not to support Excel files, therefore I will have to use another service and link to that from here. Any suggestions?



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